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Music Samples

NOTE: All songs are have been converted from wav files to RealMedia files so that they can be quickly streamed online.

Please TURN UP THE VOLUME as these songs are very quiet.

As expected, our algorithm performed flawlessly. To the human ear, our output songs sound synchronized in both tempo and phase. We discovered that the aesthetic quality of our output was only slightly improved when a song was combined with a backbeat rather than with another song.

Shown below is a table comparing the output of the beat detection algorithm with human-ear beat detection (with the aid of a digital metronome).

Human-Detected Tempo (BPM)
 Machine-Detected Tempo (BPM)
Beverly Hills Cop Theme
119 80.06
Lil’ Jon - Bia Bia  78 59.51
Venga Boys – Boom 139 140.16
91 185.98
Copland – Fanfare for the Common Man
118 118.13
Green Acres Theme
119 62.68
Stan Getz - Girl from Ipanema 
137 136.73
Will Smith – Getting Jiggy With It
110 109.5
 Jurassic Park Theme
110 109.89
 Green Day – Longview
152 77.67
Limp Bizkit – Rollin’
185 186.19

From the chart, you can notice that the algorithm usually detected either the exact beat, harmonic multiples of the beat, or occasionally a fraction of the beat.



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