Design Details

Testing and Results



The Group



Abigail Bartlett- President, Research and Development

....is a junior EE major from London, England

Contributions include : web research, project write-up, web design, noise reduction filter

Vernon Evans- President, Technology

....is a junior EE major from Dallas, Texas

Contributions include : MATLAB genius, frequency shaper and amplitude shaper filters, testing

Igor Frenkel- President, Networking

...is a econ major TI employee desparately seeking elec knowledge. he is from Russia

Contributions include : poster design, information gofer, project write-up

Candace Hobson- President, Web Development

....is a junior EE major and pre-med student from Richmond, Texas

Contributions include : web design, research, noise reduction filter

Emilie Sumera- President, Operations

... is a junior EE/ECON major from the North side of Houston

Contributions include : master delegator, noise reduction filter, research, poster design