Musical Note Recognition 

Results & Conclusions
Future Development
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Despite our seemingly great results, there are a few things that can be improved upon.

One of  the factors of inefficiency of our system is the fact that the notes need a brief pause in between each note, in order to distinguish one note from another and determine each note's window.

Another fault in our system that could be improved upon is that we can only recognize one note at a time. Our system can't distinguish notes played simultaneously, like chords or perhaps two instruments playing at the same time.

In real life each instrument is tuned differently and what is a certain note for one instrument may not be the same for another.  Therefore, we can also improve our system by accounting for this fact.

Finally, our system is not real-time.  We can't implement our process of musical note recognition as the instrument is playing in real-time.  In fact, through our Matlab based code, we first input the sound file and it take around 60 seconds to calculate.  This computation was performed on a 1.3 GHz computer with lots of RAM.  Thus, we may need to improve on efficiency in real-time.