Empirical Mode Decomposition
Group Members: Max Lambert, Andrew Engroff, Matt Dyer, Ben Byer

   Synthetic vs. Natural
   MATLAB Code

Input of each group member:

  • Max Lambert
    • General: MATLAB code "tweaking", found natural signal
    • Poster: Process section, editing
  • Andrew Engroff
    • General: Natural signal found, tested, and analyzed
    • Poster: Overview section, design/layout
    • Web: Design and text
  • Matt Dyer
    • General: Synthesized signal testing and analysis
    • Poster: Conclusion section, editing
    • Web: Plots and MATLAB code
  • Ben Byer
    • General: Found MATLAB code for EMD
    • Poster: Basic outline, some miscellaneous information, printing
    • Web: Comparison of EMD algorithm using different parameters (missing)
  • Each group member learned enough of the topic to be helpful in presenting the material at the session, but physical work was split up as above.

Acknowledgements and References:

  • Rich Baraniuk and Mike Wakin for being very kind to our group throughout our time in the course
  • Huge report covering process and comparisons:
    Huang, N.E., Shen, Z., Long, S.R., Wu, M.C., Shih, H.H., Zheng, Q., Yen, N-C, Tung, C.C. and Liu, H.H. "The Empirical Mode Decomposition and the Hilbert Spectrum for Nonlinear and Non-stationary Time Series Analysis.", Royal Society Proceedings on Math, Physical, and Engineering Sciences, Vol. 454, No. 1971 pp.903-995 (8 March 1998).
  • MATLAB code for EMD:
    Magrin-Chagnolleau, Ivan. Ivan MAGRIN-CHAGNOLLEAU. 4 October 2002. 18 December 2002 <http://www.ddl.ish-lyon.cnrs.fr/membres/imc/>
  • A very understandable overview of EMD and the source of the lovely mpeg in the Process section:
    Cheng, Benny. EMD and the Hilbert Spectra. (Modified date unknown). 18 December 2002 <http://lochness.jpl.nasa.gov/EMD/emd.mpg>
  • Source for ecg.mat:
    Jensen, Jørgen Arendt. 31610 Applied Signal Processing. 29 April 2002. 18 December 2002 <http://www.es.oersted.dtu.dk/staff/jaj/31610/data.html>
  • Source for ekgsig.m:
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