AMD VLSI Design Contest at Rice University - Academic Year 1999-2000 Final

First Prize - AMD Athlon Processors and $200 each team member

Group Y - Yonghui Cheng, Damian Dobric, Ping Tao, Shunxi Wang - FIR Filter Co-processor

Photo   Presentation

Second Prize - AMD K6 Processors and $100 each team member

Group E - Ricardo Radaelli-Sanchez, Alexa Shoning, Hilary Scott - Mastermind Game

Photo   Presentation

Third Prize - AMD T-Shirts/Caps/Cups and $50 each team member

 Group X - Tsun-Yao Chang, Ben Gerdemann, Kwok-On Ng - Continuous Averager Co-processor

Photo   Presentation

Joe Cavallaro

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