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Fortran 90/95

F90 Overview

Finite Element Book

OOP via F90 Book

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Computer Aided Design Journals

Finite Element Analysis Journals

Continuous Systems Simulation Journals

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  Address Description
Finite Element Book Resources Author, subject, title FE book list
FEA international standards Benchmarks, certification

CAD Systems I_deas, Solid Edge, Unigraphics, etc.




Computational Fluid Dynamics

A great general site

General references  

Summer UG paid CFD interships


Finite Element Book Resources 

Author, subject, title FE book list


Finite Element Codes and Research Nonlinear solid, thermal, elec_mag A great general site Civil engineering uses

FEA international standards


General plotting bindings to F90 and C  F90 GUI via GINO To Gif and PS formats To OpenGL   To PostScript (PS)

Materials Property Database SI and English units Miscellaneous materials Materials, tutorials

Mesh Generation   Big current review
Structured grid book 
Software catalog Structured & unstructured TrueGrid hex meshes

On_Line Journal Subject and Contents Search Search by keyword or issue Access to back issues of ME

OpenGL Graphics Language Link to web sites

Optimization Software OptdesX Reference Site

Simulation Languages AEgis Research, ACSL web site

Typical F90 resources f90 interface to OpenGL object-oriented program examples  great compiler w matrix displays  fair but cheap student compilers fortran market
e.g. parallel
MPI (parallel computing) current Fortran 2000 draft

Visualization software techplot matlab

Finite Element Journals List Suggested reading