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  CAD Journals

Most of these journals can now be viewed on line, from Rice computers, by visiting the Fondren Library web site.

Note: Articles selected for class reports MUST have a list of references, or you must provide a related reference.


Library of Congress

Advances in Engineering Software  TA345.A38
ACM Trans. on Graphics  T385.A18
AI in Eng., Design, Anal. & Manuf.  Q334.A77
Bull. Japan Soc. Mech. Eng.  TJ4.J15
Computer Aided Design  TA174.C58
Computer Aided Engineering  TA345.C638
Computer Aided Engineering J. TA345.C639
Computer Graphics  T385.C56
Computer Methods in Applied Mech. & Eng.  TA345.C6425
Computer Vision Graphics & Image Processing  T385.C752
Computers and Fluids  QC150.C65
Computers in Mechanical Engineering  TJ153.C632
Computers and Structures  TA641.C65
Engineering Computations  TA345.E54
Engineering with Computers  TA345.E55 
Finite Elements in Analysis and Design  TA347.F5 
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications  T385.I15
IEEE J. of Robotics and Automation  TJ212.I35
Inter. J. for Numerical Methods in Eng.  TA329.I57
Machine Design  TJ1.M15
Mechanism and Machine Theory  TJ175.J62
Robotics Age  TJ211.R56
Robotics Research  TJ211.I485
Soma: Eng. for Human Body  TA164.S65
Visual Computer  T385.V55

The Transactions of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Japanese American Society of Mechanical Engineers cover a wide range of topics: Applied Mechanics, Biomechanics, Dynamical Systems, Energy Research, Engineering for Industry, Fluids Engineering, Gas Turbines, Heat Transfer, Mechanical Design, Pressure Vessels, Solar Energy, Tribology, Turbomachines, Vibrations & Acoustics,  etc.