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Fortran 90/95

F90 Overview

Finite Element Book

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  Completed Assignments (ID and date)

Literature Report
SolidWorks Drafting Page Hardcopy
Design Team Preliminary Report
Design Team Final Report

TK Solver Online Tutorials (Bonus)

SolidWorks, First 3 Lessons
SolidWorks Advanced Drawing Tutorial
SolidWorks Drawing Hardcopy
SolidWorks Assembly Mates Tutorial
SolidWorks eDrawing Tutorial (see note)
SolidWorks Fillets Tutorial
SW Surfaces, or Lofts Tutorial
SW Multibody Parts (#16), or Revolves & Sweeps (#20)

COSMOSWorks Static Analysis of a Part (CW #1)
COSMOSWorks Static Analysis of Sheet Metal (CW #3)
COSMOSWorks Static Analysis of an Assembly(CW Tutorial #2)
CW Symmetric Restraints of Solid & Shell (CW Tutorial #15)
COSMOSWorks Thermal Analysis (CW Tutorial #6)
COSMOSWorks Hydrostatic Pressure (CW Tutorial #13)
COSMOSWorks Frequency (#4) or Transient Analysis (#22)
COSMOSWorks Thermal Stress Analysis (CW Tutorial #7)
COSMOSWorks Adaptive Method (CW Tutorial #19)

COSMOSMotion Tutorial #2

Optional bonus COSMOSFloWorks Tutorial