Package sysModel.env

Interface Summary
AGlobalEnv.ILocalEnvVisitor Visitor to opererate on a local environment.
BoundedEnv.IField Field interface.
BoundedEnv.IFieldVisitor Field visitor interface.
IBlockedCommand Special version of ILambda for use as blocked command.
ILocalEnvState Local environment state.
IOpenCommand Special version of ILambda for use as open command.

Class Summary
AEnvFactory Abstract environment factory.
AGlobalEnv Abstract global environment class.
ASquareEnv Abstract square environment class.
BoundedEnv Implementation of a square bounded environment.
BoundedEnv.EmptyField Empty field singleton.
BoundedEnv.NonEmptyField Non-empty field class.
BoundedEnv.Test_BoundedEnv Test cases for BoundedEnv.
BoundedEnv.Test_BoundedEnv_LocalEnv Test cases for BoundedEnv.LocalEnv.
DeactivatableLambda Decorator for a lambda to make it deactivatable.
EmptyLocalEnvState Empty local environment state.
FishApplyParams Class containing parameters that the fish passes back to the lambda on an update.
NoGridEnv An environment that does not use grids to place fish.
NoGridEnv.Direction Concrete direction class.
NoGridEnv.Location Concrete location class.
NoGridEnv.Test_NoGridEnv Test cases for NoGridEnv.
NoGridEnv.Test_NoGridEnv_LocalEnv Test cases for NoGridEnv.LocalEnv.
NonEmptyLocalEnvState Empty local environment state.
NullEnv Dummy environment used if no other environment has been created or loaded yet.
UnboundedEnv Implementation of a square unbounded environment.
UnboundedEnv.Test_UnboundedEnv Test cases for UnboundedEnv.
UnboundedEnv.Test_UnboundedEnv_LocalEnv Test cases for UnboundedEnv.LocalEnv.
WrappingEnv Implementation of a square wrapping environment.
WrappingEnv.Test_WrappingEnv Test cases for WrappingEnv.
WrappingEnv.Test_WrappingEnv_LocalEnv Test cases for WrappingEnv.LocalEnv.
WrappingEnv.Test_WrappingEnv_Location Test cases for WrappingEnv.Location.

Exception Summary