Operating System for the r-one robot
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ronelib Documentation


The r-one robots are designed by the Multi-Robotic Systems Lab at Rice University

Software stack

The code base is designed to be extensible, with a three-layer software stack:

  • [Applications (i.e. SensorTest, SuperDemo) ]
  • [ ronelib (basic behaviors that will be used to make other code) ]
  • [ roneos (hardware, sensors, actuators, system-level code) ]

Included in ronelib:


  • basicBehaviors
  • behaviorSystem
  • bumpBehaviors
  • Navigation-midangle
  • remoteControl


  • externalPose
  • robotCanvas


  • BroadcastComms
  • BroadcastMinMax
  • NbrNbrComms
  • neighborListOps

Complete Functions List

A complete list of functions in roneLib can be found here.

R-One Specifications


R-one Vocabulary

r-one Bearing, Orientation, and Range

The blue lines projecting from robot a (also colored blue) establish the robot's local coordinate system . The x and y axis are labeled.

Range is indicated by the thick black line between robot a and robot b. At this point, r-one robots do not have range measuring capabilities.

Orientation is measured from a robot's heading, indicated by the line inside the robot circle, to the point on the neighboring robot where range would be measured.

Bearing is measured from a robot's x axis to the point on the neighboring robot where range would be measured.