Loris for Your Cough

Roshan Mansinghani | Esmeralda Martinez | James McDougall | Travis McPhail
McAulay-Quatieri Method
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   Loris Application
   Our Algorithm



In testing our code, we decided to overlay a cough on top of a clarinet.
This is what it looks like:


A clarinet with a cough


You can also download the file to hear it by clicking here.

Next, it is interesting to note how Loris/Fossa represent these signals:

Pure clarinet

Clarinet with Cough

Notice the amount of tracks in the higher frequencies that were added because of the cough, and those that existed as harmonics of the clarinet.

After passing the signal with the cough through our program, we found that the cough was completely removed:

Filtered Signal

Clicking on the image above will allow you to hear what the filtered signal sounds like. As you can see, the cough has been completely removed, even in the lower frequencies (simple low pass filtering could not achieve this). However, it is also obvious that the harmonics of the clarinet have been removed.


Fossa Representation of Filtered Signal