Handlinig Problems with IDLE

These are some known problems with IDLE and ways to handle them. Report other problems to engi-128 staff so we can update the list.

MUST DO: How to quit python properly

When you have problems running IDLE and want to quit python or reset the robot, you have to follow proper procedures. Otherwise you wouldn't be properly resetting.

Step 1: Unplug robot (if IDLE spits out error code, skip Step 2)

Step 2: Type "q" and press "enter" into the robot prompt (IDLE will spit out a whole bunch of red error code)

Step 3: Close IDLE

Essencially, you have to disconnect your robot before you quit IDLE.

Problem: Robot doesn't connect

Follow these procedures when you have the right comp port number, but the robot wouldn't connect.

Step 1: Go to "Windows Task Manager" (keyboard shortcut is ctrl+alt+del) and then the "Processes" tab

Step 2: Kill everything related to python (ex: pythonw.exe, ...)

Step 3: Try reconnecting robot on IDLE

Step 4: If the robot still doesn't connect last resort is to restart the computer

Problem: Robot connects, but no robot prompt

Follow these procedures when the robot connects, but you can't see the robot prompt showing up.
(When you only see the line "Rice Microcontroller Python PERL" on the command prompt)

Step 1: Reset robot (Idle will spit out a whole bunch of red error code)

Step 2: Press "alt+p" and then "enter". Should work now.

Problem: For those in both Comp 140 & Engi 128

If you are in both Comp 140 and Engi 128, you probably have both Python 2.7 and 2.5 installed. Follow the procedures below to configure the python path correctly for Engi 128.

Step 1: Start Python 2.5 IDLE

Step 2: Type:

import os
os.chdir("file path") -> ex: os.chdir("C:\Users\Sunny Kim\Documents")

-> "file path" indicates the directory where the file you wish to run on the robot is stored

Step 3: Run the tests/codes as you normally would