r-one GUI

r-one GUI

Serial Port Drivers (FTDI VCP)
Note: the GUI will not run on your robot once Python has been installed.

Python: Computer Setup

r-one Windows Python Setup
Might need modifications, see white board
This version of python is the same as the one used in COMP140, so if you already have it installed, no need to install it again.
Boot-camped Macs running Windows might be missing a DLL needed by PySerial. Here is a clean copy. Download, unzip and put the unzipped DLL file in the C:\windows\system32 directory: msvcr71.zip
Owl Tools r-one Python System: owl-tools.zip
The The Owl Embedded Python System was developed here at Rice university by graduate student Thomas Barr and Prof Scott Rixner. Click the link to learn more about it.

Python: Computer Setup for MacOS

r-one MacOS Python Instructions
Might need modifications, see white board

Python on the r-one

r-one Python library reference
r-one Python Final Project library reference
Using IDLE
Simple rone test file for getting set up
r-one example programs

Python Tutorials and Examples

A simple Python tutorial
The "Official" Python tutorial (more complete than the simple tutorial).
Tutorial on lists

Extra Resources

rone Robot Documentation

rone block diagram

Older Tutorials

Using Your Robot
using Idle

ARTSI rone Demo Software


Setup Eclipse for use with Python and the r-one robots

Setup Eclipse