Syllabus and Schedule


Lectures and Problem Sets

Date Lecture Homework
Tue, Aug 26 Lec01: Introduction, block diagrams, abstraction & modularity PS01
Thu, Aug 28 Lec02: Abstraction & Interfaces -
Tue, Sept 2 System Safari Discussion -
Thu, Sept 5 DC01-CookieCrane PS02
Tue, Sept 9 Lec03: Torque, Gears, Transmissions, & BMX Physics -
Thu, Sept 11 Lec04: Voltage, Current, and Circuits PS03
Tue, Sept 16 Lec05: Voltage Dividers and Non-Linear Elements
Lab01: r-one Measurements
rone-Voltage Test Points
Thu, Sept 18 Lab02: Circuits
DC02: SensorCraft
DC02: SensorCraft Wiring
Tue, Sept 23 Lec06: Digital Signals, Computer Systems, Programming Languages, and Python (And Robots!)
Lab03a: Python I
Thu, Sept 26 Lab03b: Python II: Types, Flow Control, and Functions
Vehicles Excerpt
Tue, Sept 30 Lab03c: Python III: Tuples, Lists, and Measureing Time
Thu, Oct 2 DC03: A Bug's Life
Tue, Oct 7 Lec09: Measuring Distance
Thu, Oct 9 Lec10: Feedback Control PS06
Thu, Oct 16 Lec11: Thermodynamics I: Energy Storage and Conversion
Tue, Oct 21 Lec12: Thermodynamics II: Energy Dissipation, Vehicle Powertrains, Car Talk
Car and Driver: Chevy Volt
Thu, Oct 23 DC04: Robot Croquet
Tue, Oct 29 Lec13: Communications: bits, bytes, ASCII, bandwidth
Thu, Oct 31 Lec14: Inter-robot communications, Communication networks Local coordinate systems
DC05: IR Olympics
Tue, Nov 4 Lec14.1: IR comms details, Execution loop, Robot software systems
Thu, Nov 6 Lec15: Global Coordinates, Pose Estimation, South-Pointing Chariot
Tue, Nov 11 Lec16: Global Coordinates II, Longitude, GPS
Thu, Nov 13 Lec17: Finite-State Machines, Behavior-Based Programming
Tue, Nov 18 - -
Thu, Nov 20 - DC06: Tic-Tac-Toe
Tue, Nov 25 - DC07: Robot Quidditch