Downloadable FEA Matlab Examples (copy .txt to .m) 4/22/20

1 Source text for six spring equilibriun 1/7/20 (copy, change .txt to .m, run) txt

2 Notations used in Matlab, lectures and equations txt

3 Image of DC circuit with reactions 1/29/20 png

4 Source text for 10 wire DC circuit 1/29/20 (copy, change .txt to .m, run) txt

5 Output text for 10 wire DC circuit 1/30/20 txt

6 Lagrange 1D polynomial library 2/4/20 (copy, change .txt to .m, run) txt

7 Source text for examples 8.1_1 to _4 2/11/2020 (copy, change .txt to .m, run) txt

7a Result plot for examples 8.1_1 to _4 2/11/2020 png

7b Gradient plot for examples 8.1_1 to _4 2/11/2020 png

8 Post gradient recovery theory Ex 8.1_1 to _4 2/22/2020 pdf

9 Axial bar with pt, line, or thermal loads (& stress bug) 2/24/2020 txt

9a Mechanics of Materials thermal bar load 2/25/2020 pdf

9b Problems for Elastic Bars 2/25/2020 pdf

10 Three layer wall L2 thermal study 2/27/2020 txt

10a Three layer wall L3 thermal study graph 2/27/2020 png

11a Hermite C1 interpolations for beam elements 2/27/2020 txt

11b Comparing 3-rd and 5-th degree two span beam elements 2/27/2020 pdf

11c Source for two span quintic beam (above example) 2/27/2020 txt

11c2 Cleaned script with reactions added (above example) 3/11/2020 txt

11c3 Extended script to accept any pt source (above example) 3/12/2020 txt

12 2D plane frame source (cubic beam, linear bar) & example 3/13/2020 txt

13a Image of curved T6 triangle to find area 3/17/2020 png

13b Script to numerically integrate for a T6 area 3/17/2020 txt

14a Image of curved to Q8 quadrilaterial to find area 3/27/2020 png

14b Script to numerically integrate for a Q4 or Q8 area 3/27/2020 txt

17 Listing closed form L3 string frequencies 4/20/2020 txt

20a Time history script for bar temperature 4/20/2020 txt

20b Time history graphs for bar temperature 4/20/2020 png