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BioSciences Lab Program Honor Code Policy

All of the rules under the Rice Honor Code apply to our laboratory courses. When you turn anything in you must be able to make the statement, "On my honor, I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid on this assignment." Assignments to which this pledge apply are notebook entries, homework, quizzes, reflections, and writing assignments.

The nature of these assignments may necessitate additional explanation.

Rule #1

Unless otherwise noted in writing on the course website or otherwise directed by an instructor or TA, ALL notebook entries and assignments are to be completed entirely on your own. There is to be no sharing of written work, figures, or notebook pages, nor is there to be any unauthorized collaboration of any kind on these assignments.


You are to take notes (1) in lab, (2) as you work, and (3) in your own words. You may paraphrase from a protocol that we give you or that you print from the course web site, but you must not enter the information word for word. Document exactly what you did, even if you made a mistake.

You absolutely must not copy from another student's notebook, even if you share the work with teammates. Communicate with your co-investigators and share the information by word of mouth, and/or confirm what steps your teammates carried out so that you may enter the information in your own words.

Notebook pages that you turn in must be exact duplicates of what is entered into your permanent notebook. Altering a copy after removing it from the notebook is a violation, unless you notify an instructor or teaching assistant in advance and have the alteration initialed.

Homework assignments

All homework assignments are to be done entirely on your own unless specified otherwise. In fact, we recommend that you refrain from completing the homework in the presence of any other student currently in BIOC 111/112 or who has previously taken the course. Under no circumstances may you "share" the work. Sharing includes any discussion of how to complete any part of any homework assignment. If you have trouble with an assignment then contact an instructor or teaching assistant. If you have waited until the last minute to complete an assignment and do not have time to obtain help, then do the best that you can, and start earlier next time.

Writing assignment

The rules for homework assignments apply to writing assignments as well. All specific information that you use for your materials and methods section MUST come from your notebook, NOT from the original protocol. You may consult any of our web resources on writing, including guidelines, presentations, and examples at any time during preparation for the assignment and during the writing itself. You are always welcome to consult with an instructor or teaching assistant but you must not work with other students in the course unless specified otherwise.

You are encouraged to use resources available at Rice's Center for Written Oral and Visual Communication (CWOVC); however, you are NOT permitted to meet with a CWOVC consultant for help with any writing assignments for this course.  Please consult with Dr. Beason if you have any questions.

We would like to thank New England Biolabs for their generous support of our laboratory program

New England Biolabs

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