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Computer Aided Design    Room ME241



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F95 Overview

Additional resources


  (SW = SolidWorks, SWS = SW Simulation, TK = TK Solver)

1. The concept of design intent dimensions (pdf)

2. Build SW solid model from a sketch (pdf)

3. Cleaning default drawing dimensions (pdf)

4. Dimensioning Guidelines (pdf) 8/14

5. Remarks on beginning SW Simulations (pdf)

6. Finding the Impact Factor for SW Static Simulation (pdf)

7. Impact Factor calculation via TK Solver (tkw, right click)

8. Free Body Diagram (FBD) review (& HW) pdf

9. Review of equilibrium and restraints pdf

10. Example ratchet wrench patent for project (pdf)

11. Example safety latch patent for project (pdf)

12. Stands for multiple computer displays for project (pdf)

13. Definitions of common material failure criteria (pdf)