Operating System for the r-one robot
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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oCIRCommsMessageMessage received over IR ring (contains the sending transmitter ID and receiving ID)
oCIRRangeDataData from IR signal
oCNbrInformation stored on a network neighbor
oCNbrDataLinked list of data on messages
oCNbrDatabaseArray containing data on all the network neighbors
oCNbrListArray containing pointers to all the network neighbors' data
oCNbrMsgRadioLinked list of a neighbor's messages
oCNbrMsgRadioNbrDataThe IR message a neighbor has
oCPoseThe pose of a robot, it's position and orientation
oCRadioCmdA radio command is a linked list of the radio commands received
oCRadioMessageRadio message and metrics union
oCRadioMessageCommandRadio message and metrics
oCRadioMessageRawRadio message and metrics
\CSerialCmdSerial commands are a linked list of commands containing the message and name