Operating System for the r-one robot
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|o*audio.hFiles for controlling audio speaker and MIDI files
|o*Midi.hFunctions for playing MIDI files on the robot
||o*diskio.hInterfaces the FatFS file-system SD card function calls to the SD card implementation for roneos
||o*sd_card.cFunctions that control the SD card
|o*blinky_led.hFunctions that control the blinky_led {heartbeat, System, Charge, Power}
|o*buttons.hFunctions for 3 buttons on the top of the robot (R,G,B) that can be programmed by the user
|o*hal_nrf_reg.hRegister definitions for the nRF HAL module
|o*ir_beacon.hThis code controls the 4 IR LEDS on the top center of the rone robot These are the IR_beacons, and an IR sensitive camera can use these to track the robots
|o*leds.hInterface function for LEDs on the robot
|o*radio.hTurns WiFi radio on or off, sends and receives radio messages, and radio interrupts
|o*radioCommand.hControls radio commands sent between robots
|o*ir_comms.hHandles IR communication between robots using the ring of IR transmitters/receivers
|o*nbrData.hInit, setter, and getter functions for the nbrData structure
|o*neighbors.hUsed to maintain information about network neighbors, sets up data storage, and sets up callbacks
|o*encoder.hDeals with who the encoder ticks and its translation to distance
|\*motor.hFunctions that control the two motors on the rone
|o*accelerometer.hInterface functions for 3D accelerometer in the robot
|o*bump_sensor.hReads bump sensor information and includes helper functions for processing this data
|o*gyro.hInterface to initialize and read 3D gyro data
|o*light_sensor.hInterface to initialize and read light sensor ring on robot
|o*basicPrinting.hPrint methods for converting data into strings with different formats
|o*cprintf.hLight-weight formatted printing to a remote print buffer that is routed through the robot network
|o*rprintf.hLight-weight formatted printing to a remote print buffer that is routed through a host robot
|o*serial.hSerial UART communication functions
|o*serialCommand.hSerial UART communication functions
|\*systemCommands.hParses char strings that are system commands
 o*charger.hInitializes/enables/disables battery charger
 o*intMath.hFast integer math (no floating point processor on rone)
 o*msp430Bootloader.hBoot loader functions on MSP430
 o*msp430ProgramDataRoneV11.hMSP430 bottom board Data for V11
 o*msp430ProgramDataRoneV12.hMSP430 bottom board Data for V12
 o*pwm.hThis is a PWM module which was originally created for the IR beacon. It is meant to control some PWM setup, but mostly for setting and changing PWM on the 8962 pins. PWM outputs are used for things like single LEDs and the power adjustment on the IR beacons
 o*spi.hSPI interface with MSP 430
 o*spi_message.hSPI commands for the MSP430