COMP 600: Graduate Research Seminar

Fall 2016: Mondays, 12:00–12:50pm, Duncan Hall (TBA). Lunch provided. Instructor: Ron Goldman

1 credit hour, graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory — You must attend and fill out a short feedback survey on OWL-Space for each speaker. No more than 2 unexcused absences allowed. (Contact the instructor to get absences excused.)

What is this seminar?

A seminar primarily for Computer Science graduate students to practice presenting their research and to be exposed to the breadth of the department's research. We also welcome faculty, post-docs, and research staff to present. Occasionally, we also invite outside speakers to speak on research or professional topics.

CS PhD students — All in residence at Rice are expected to enroll each semester and to present every four semesters.

MCS & MS CS students — Master's students are welcome to enroll, but I must give PhD students enrollment priority due to limited space.

Date Speaker Title (click for details) Adviser
29 Aug 16 Jianfan Zhu In the Light of Deep Coalescence: Revisiting Trees Within Networks Luay Nakhleh
Chen Luo Fast search on time series Anshumali Shrivastava
12 Sep 16 Betsy Barre, Max Grossman Mentorship and Education in CS N/A
19 Sep 16 Saralyn Hernandez Stress Management N/A
26 Sep 16 Beidi Chen Anshumali Shrivastava
Lucas Martinelli Tabajara Moshe Vardi
3 Oct 16 Corey Fisher Moshe Vardi
17 Oct 16 Kuldeep Meel Moshe Vardi
24 Oct 16 Xiaoran Xu Keith Cooper
31 Oct 16 Xin Huang Sunflow: efficient optical circuit scheduling Eugene Ng
7 Nov 16 Simbarashe Dzinamarina Distributed Storage Eugene Ng
14 Nov 16 Lung Li Keith Cooper
21 Nov 16 Bolun Li OMPT Interface for NVIDIA GPUs John Mellor-Crummey
Lee Chen Luay Nakhleh
28 Nov 16 Lechen Yu Datarace Detection Vivek Sarkar
Rabimba Karanjai Dan Wallach
Date Speaker Title (click for details) Adviser
11 Jan 16 Stephen Butler Lydia Kavraki
25 Jan 16 Karthik Murthy John Mellor-Crummey
1 Feb 16 Shangyu Luo
8 Feb 16 Hamim Zafar Luay Nakhleh
15 Feb 16
22 Feb 16 Ryan Elworth
Jayvee Abella Lydia Kavraki
7 Mar 16 Omid Pouya Alan Cox
14 Mar 16 Jonathan Sharman Vivek Sarkar
Sourav Sikdar Chris Jermaine
21 Mar 16 Minhong Yun
28 Mar 16 Arghya "Ronnie" Chatterjee Vivek Sarkar
Ankush Mandal Vivek Sarkar
4 Apr 16 Ryan Lear James McLurkin
Dan Ye Luay Nakhleh
11 Apr 16 Rishi Surendran
18 Apr 16 Ryan Spring James McLurkin
Rohan Mukherjee Chris Jermaine
Date Speaker Title (click for details) Adviser
24 Aug 15 Debra Kolah Library orientation User Experience Office, Fondren Library
Max Grossman HJ-OpenCL: Reducing the Gap Between the JVM and Accelerators Vivek Sarkar
31 Aug 15 Yanxin Lu Data-driven Program Completion Swarat Chaudhuri
14 Sep 15 Rebecca Smith Surviving Peripheral Failures in Embedded Systems Scott Rixner
21 Sep 15 Lai Wei Overcoming Distributed Debugging Challenges in the MPI+OpenMP Programming Model John Mellor-Crummey
28 Sep 15 Kuldeep Meel From Weighted to Unweighted Model Counting Moshe Vardi
5 Oct 15 Prasanth Chatarasi Polyhedral Optimizations of Explicitly Parallel Programs Vivek Sarkar
19 Oct 15 Suguman Bansal Computer Aided Strategic Reasoning Swarat Chaudhuri
26 Oct 15 Risa Myers Data Driven Research: A case study Chris Jermaine
2 Nov 15 Terry Tang Teach Students by Studying Students Joe Warren
9 Nov 15 Peng Du Phylogenetic inference with Gibbs Sampling Luay Nakhleh
16 Nov 15 Xian Fan Integrated Genotyping of Structural Variation in NGS Data Luay Nakhleh
23 Nov 15 Yuhan Peng Accelerating Cloud Based Genomics Pipeline Using Graphics Processors Vivek Sarkar
30 Nov 15 Robert LiKamWa Rethinking the Vision Sensing Pipeline for Efficiency and Privacy Lin Zhong
Date Speaker Title (click for details) Adviser
12 Jan 15 Adam Pridgen Java Application Memory Forensics Dan Wallach
(other half of class still available)
26 Jan 15 Shams Imam Vivek Sarkar
2 Feb 15 Ardalan Sani Rethinking System Support for I/O Devices Lin Zhong
9 Feb 15 Dragos Sbirlea Automatic detection of inter-application permission leaks in Android applications Vivek Sarkar
16 Feb 15 Brent Stephens Handling Routing Failures in Data Center Networking via Local Fast Failover Alan Cox
23 Feb 15 Alina Sbirlea Elastic tasks: Unifying Task Parallelism and SPMD Parallelism with an Adaptive Runtime Vivek Sarkar
9 Mar 15 Zekai Gao Automated Supernode-Based Computations for Distributed Machine Learning Chris Jermaine
16 Mar 15 Yue Wang A Constraint-Based Approach for Reactive Task and Motion Planning
Binhang Yuan Ron Goldman
23 Mar 15 Yiting Xia Eugene Ng
30 Mar 15 Wei-Cheng Xiao On-Demand Routing in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks with Wide Levels of Network Density Dave Johnson
6 Apr 15 Xin Huang Circuit Scheduling of Optical Switch in Data Center Network Eugene Ng
Yu Zhou Sorting Algorithms for Swarm Robotics James McLurkin
13 Apr 15 Letao Qi
Daniel Song Dan Wallach
20 Apr 15 Ellie (Dingqiao) Wen
Sarah Kim
Date Speaker Title (click for details) Adviser
25 Aug 14 John Greiner Overview of COMP 600
Luay Nakhleh Graduate Studies in CS: Responsibilities, Expectations, and Prospects
8 Sep 14 Kuldeep Meel Approximating Probabilistic Inference without losing guarantees: Combining hashing and feasibility Moshe Vardi
15 Sep 14 Rima Tanash Detecting Country-Level Censorship in Twitter Dan Wallach
Anastasia Novinskaya Modeling of protein shape dynamics Lydia Kavraki
22 Sep 14 John Greiner Preparing and Presenting a Research Poster
29 Sep 14 Kumud Bhandari Programming Computers with the Memory of an Elephant Vivek Sarkar
6 Oct 14 Chaoran Yang Portable, MPI-Interoperable Coarray Fortran John Mellor-Crummey
20 Oct 14 Lee SeoungKyou Patrolling in Unknown Environment using Physically Triangulated Sensor Network James McLurkin
27 Oct 14 Golnaz Habibi Distributed Path Planning and Motion Controllers for Collective Transport by Multi-Robot Systems James McLurkin
3 Nov 14 Nick Vrvilo Asynchronous Checkpoint/Restart for the CnC Programming Model Vivek Sarkar
10 Nov 14 Emily A. Unverzagt, LCSW; Kathleen Gould, MA LPC-Intern; Sherry Vanderslice, Graduate Student Affairs and Project Manager Student Support Rice Counseling Center
17 Nov 14
24 Nov 14 Arkabandhu Chowdhury Constructing a Probabilistic Knowledge-Based System in Healthcare Chris Jermaine
Keliang He Realization of High-Level Manipulation Tasks Lydia Kavraki
1 Dec 14 Simbarashe Dzinamarira Eugene Ng
Martha Witick Lydia Kavraki
Date Speaker Title (click for details) Adviser
13 Jan 14 Kevin Liu An HMM-based Comparative Genomic Framework for Detecting Introgression in Eukaryotes Luay Nakhleh
27 Jan 14 Milind Chabbi Call Paths for Pin Tools John Mellor-Crummey
3 Feb 14 Ryan Luna Fast and Optimal Stochastic Motion Planning Lydia Kavraki
10 Feb 14 Felix Lin Towards 10x Faster Mobile Devices That Will Not Melt Lin Zhong
17 Feb 14 Terry (Lei) Tang An Environment for Learning Interactive Programming Joe Warren
Karthik Murthy Maunam, The Beginnings of a Communication-Avoiding Compiler John Mellor-Crummey
24 Feb 14 Golnaz Habibi K-redundant Trees for Safe Multi-robot Recovery in Complex Environments James McLurkin
10 Mar 14 Ye Fang Computer-Aided Mechanism Design Swarat Chaudhuri
17 Mar 14 Shangyu Luo Spark -- A Fast and General Engine for Large-scale Data Processing Chris Jermaine
Niketan Pansare Scalable and Fast Machine Learning Chris Jermaine
24 Mar 14 Sri Raj Paul CAF 2.0 Phasers John Mellor-Crummey
Lai Wei Autotuning Tensor Transposition John Mellor-Crummey
31 Mar 14 Lung Li Calling-convention-aware register allocation Keith Cooper
7 Apr 14 Min Hong Yun Towards Zero Latency: <<10ms Interactive Latency Lin Zhong
Yanxin Lu Learning to Grade Student Programs in a Massive Open Online Course Swarat Chaudhuri
14 Apr 14 Xian Fan Genotyping Structural Variations and Variant Allele Frequency Estimation Luay Nakhleh & Ken Chen
Omid Pouya BitFlood: Multicast Enabled P2P Data Sharing in Datacenters Alan Cox
21 Apr 14 Yingfu Zeng Modeling Basic Aspects of Cyber-Physical Systems Walid Taha
Ruiqi Liu Judiciously select configurations for applications in the cloud Eugene Ng
Date Speaker Title (click for details) Adviser
26 Aug 13 Tracy Volz Effective Slide Design Director and Professor in the Practice, Program in Writing and Communication
9 Sep 13 Kuldeep Meel Sampling Techniques for Boolean Satisfiability Moshe Vardi
16 Sep 13 Tad Book Longitudinal Analysis of Android Ad Library Permissions Dan Wallach
23 Sep 13 Aaron Becker Massive Uniform Manipulation: controlling large populations of simple robots with a common input signal post-doc for James McLurkin
30 Sep 13 Risa Myers Vital Sign Quality Assessment using Ordinal Regression of Time Series Data Chris Jermaine
7 Oct 13 CS GSA Meeting
21 Oct 13 Shams Imam Cooperative Scheduling of Parallel Tasks in the Presence of Synchronization Patterns Vivek Sarkar
28 Oct 13 Hamim Zafar Learning Boolean Models of Regulatory Networks using Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Luay Nakhleh
4 Nov 13 Dragos Sbirlea Bounded memory scheduling of dynamic task graphs Vivek Sarkar
11 Nov 13 Josue Salazar Building and validating geographically refined hurricane wind risk models for residential structures Devika Subramanian
18 Nov 13 Alina Sbirlea Towards High-level Programming Models for Heterogeneous Platforms Vivek Sarkar
25 Nov 13 Deepak Majeti Habanero C: A Portable Programming Model for Heterogeneous Processors Vivek Sarkar
2 Dec 13 Myeongjae Jeon Reducing latency of web search queries Scott Rixner, Alan Cox
Date Speaker Title (click for details) Adviser
14 Jan 13 Tracy Volz Crafting Effective Introductions workshop Senior Lecturer in Professional Communication
28 Jan 13 Powei Feng Biharmonic B-splines Joe Warren
4 Feb 13 Xu Liu A new approach for performance analysis of OpenMP programs John Mellor-Crummey
11 Feb 13 Brent Stephens PAST: Scalable Ethernet for Data Centers Alan Cox
18 Feb 13 Scott Rixner The Anatomy of a MOOC faculty speaker
4 Mar 13 Anna Drummond Topic Models For Feature Selection in Document Clustering Chris Jermaine
11 Mar 13 Jeffrey Chyan Predicting Kinase Binding Affinity Using Homology Models in Combinatorial Clustering of Residue Position Subsets Lydia Kavraki
18 Mar 13 Yiting Xia lambda^{group}: The Case for Optical Multicast in the Data Center Eugene Ng
25 Mar 13 Nikola Ristic Luay Nakhleh
1 Apr 13 Zekai Gao On the Top-k Entries of a Large Correlation Matrix Chris Jermaine
8 Apr 13 Rishi Surendran Test-Driven Repair of Structured Parallel Programs Vivek Sarkar
15 Apr 13 Kumud Bhandari Vivek Sarkar
Date Speaker Title (click for abstract) Adviser
27 Aug 12 Tracy Volz Design and Deliver a Research Presentation — Extra materials: Presentation checklist, Planning a Research Presentation, Tips for Handling Questions Senior Lecturer in Professional Communication
10 Sep 12 Nicole Van Den Heuvel Professional Networking Director, Center for Career Development
17 Sep 12 Thomas Barr Design and Implementation of an Embedded Python Run-Time System Scott Rixner
24 Sep 12 Sonali Dutta Assertion Based Dynamic Verification of SystemC Models Moshe Vardi
1 Oct 12 Michael Dietz Origin-Bound Certificates: A Fresh Approach to Strong Client Authentication for the Web Dan Wallach
8 Oct 12 Swarat Chaudhuri Academic job searches & interviews CS faculty
15 Oct 12 Nick Vrvilo Fairness-aware GPU Time-Slicing Vivek Sarkar
22 Oct 12 Lee SeoungKyou Distributed Cohesive Configuration Control for Swarm Robots with Boundary Information and Network Sensing James McLurkin
29 Oct 12 Zhuhua Cai Simulation of Database Valued Markov Chains using SimSQL Chris Jermaine
5 Nov 12 Sağnak Taşirlar Back to the Future Vivek Sarkar
12 Nov 12 Anhei Shu A Pointillism Approach to Online Corpus Trend Analysis Dan Wallach
19 Nov 12 Sanjay Chatterjee Integrating Asynchronous Task Parallelism with MPI Vivek Sarkar
26 Nov 12 Yun Yu Parsimonious Inference of Hybridization in the Presence of Incomplete Lineage Sorting Luay Nakhleh
Date Speaker Title (click for abstract) Adviser
22 Aug 11 Edwin Westbrook Tools and Techniques for Building Domain-Specific Languages Vivek Sarkar, Swarat Chaudhuri
29 Aug 11 Swarat Chaudhuri Taming the Nonrobustness of Software Systems Faculty speaker
12 Sep 11 Wei-Cheng Xiao Physical implementation of synchronous duty cycling MAC protocols: experiences and evaluation Dave Johnson
19 Sep 11 Shams Imam Interfacing Chapel with traditional HPC programming languages Vivek Sarkar
26 Sep 11 Niketan Pansare Online Aggregation for Large MapReduce Jobs Chris Jermaine
3 Oct 11 Justin Park Detecting HGT (Horizontal Gene Transfer) Events Under DLT (Duplication, Loss, Transfer) Model Using the Trace of Artificial Losses Luay Nakhleh
17 Oct 11 Devin Grady Multi-Objective Sensor-Based Replanning for a Car-Like Robot Lydia Kavraki
24 Oct 11 Drew Bryant Predicting protein binding specificity by combinatorial clustering of residue position subsets Lydia Kavraki
31 Oct 11 Kamal Sharma Tiling and Dynamic Pattern Recognition for HPC Vivek Sarkar
7 Nov 11 Florin Dinu Chattering in the Cloud: Improving Hadoop's Performance by Cross-Sharing of Application Experience Eugene Ng
14 Nov 11 Jie Zheng Pacer: Just-In-Time Live Virtual Machine Migration Eugene Ng
21 Nov 11 Shashi Shekhar Separating Smartphone advertising from applications Dan Wallach
28 Nov 11 Myeongjae Jeon Reducing DRAM Row Activations with Eager Writeback Alan Cox, Scott Rixner
Date Speaker Title (click for abstract) Adviser
23 Aug 10 Guohui Wang c-Through: Part-time Optics in Data Centers Eugene Ng
30 Aug 10 Deian Tabakov “Is your car trying to kill you?” Moshe Vardi
13 Sep 10 Zheng Cai Maestro: A System for Scalable OpenFlow Control Eugene Ng
20 Sep 10 Mathias Ricken & Ed Westbrook Agile and Efficient Domain-Specific Languages using Multi-stage Programming in Java Mint Corky Cartwright
27 Sep 10 Ioan Sucan How do 'useful' robots plan complex motions? Lydia Kavraki
4 Oct 10 Yonghong Yan Hierarchical Place Trees: Modeling Memory Hierarchy for Task parallelism Vivek Sarkar
18 Oct 10 Andrew Lynch Robotics : Low-Cost Multi-Robot System James McLurkin
25 Oct 10 Sanjay Chatterjee Effective Synchronization of Manycore Architectures Using Phasers Vivek Sarkar
1 Nov 10 Kaushik Ram sNICh: Efficient Last Hop Networking in the Data Center Alan Cox
8 Nov 10 Yun Yu Coalescent Histories on Phylogenetic Network and Detection of Hybridization Despite Incomplete Lineage Sorting Luay Nakhleh
15 Nov 10 Amit Bhatia Algorithmic Techniques for Design and Analysis of High-Confidence Physical Systems Lydia Kavraki, Moshe Vardi
22 Nov 10 Jason Eckhardt Automatic Generation of Optimized Domain-Specific Operations Keith Cooper
29 Nov 10 Anna Youssefi Runtime Compiler-Guided Tile Selection in the PACE Project John Mellor-Crummey
Date Speaker Title (click for abstract) Adviser
11 Jan 10 Luay Nakhleh & Alan Cox Discussion about graduate recruiting
25 Jan 10 Niketan Pansare Multi-query optimization in the Datapath System Chris Jermaine
1 Feb 10 Jeff Sandoval Detecting Processor Instruction Cache for Platform Aware Compilation Keith Cooper
8 Feb 10 Mathias Ricken Mint, a Multi-stage Extension of Java (slides) Walid Taha
15 Feb 10 Troy Ruths Simulating the evolution of genetic networks Luay Nakhleh
22 Feb 10 Natalie Yudin Reconstructing signaling networks from experimental data Luay Nakhleh
8 Mar 10 David Peixotto Low-Level Behavior of Lazy Functional Programs Keith Cooper
15 Mar 10 Cherif Salama Static Analysis for Circuit Families Walid Taha
22 Mar 10 Michael Dietz Dan Wallach
29 Mar 10 Devin Grady Provably Safe Multi-Robot Cooperation with Kinodynamic Constraints Lydia Kavraki
5 Apr 10 Sağnak Taşirlar Concurrent Collections : A new parallel programming model Vivek Sarkar
12 Apr 10 Lei Tang PRI-MAC: A Prediction-Wakeup MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Dave Johnson
19 Apr 10 Felix Lin Reflex: managing smartphone as a distributed system for energy-efficient sensing Lin Zhong
Date Speaker Title (click for abstract) Adviser
5 Jan 09 Jeff Kilpatrick Detecting causes of complex diseases Luay Nakhleh
26 Jan 09 Nathan Tallent Effective Performance Measurement and Analysis of Multithreaded Applications John Mellor-Crummey
2 Feb 09
9 Feb 09 Chris Jermaine MCDB: The Monte Carlo Database System Faculty speaker
16 Feb 09
23 Feb 09 Ryan Zhang Grid Centric Scheduling Strategies for Workflow Applications Keith Cooper/Ken Kennedy
9 Mar 09 Dan Sandler VoteBox: a verifiable, tamper-evident electronic voting system Dan Wallach
16 Mar 09 Seth Fogarty Size Doesn't Matter When You have Good (Automata-Theoretic) Technique Moshe Vardi
23 Mar 09 Bertrand du Castel Computer Theology Schlumberger
30 Mar 09 Florin Dinu Detecting Congestion Patterns using ECN Marking Eugene Ng
6 Apr 09 Jie Zheng Placement and balancing of cooperative packet filters Eugene Ng
13 Apr 09 Powei Feng Volume Segmentation with Painting Joe Warren
Date Speaker Title (click for abstract) Adviser
14 Jan 08 Cherif Salama Synthesizable High Level Hardware Descriptions Walid Taha
28 Jan 08 Gregory Malecha From Text to Graph and Back Walid Taha
4 Feb 08 Seth Fogarty Buechi Complementation and Size-Change Termination Moshe Vardi
11 Feb 08 David Peixotto Tuning a Priority-Based Register Allocator Using Adaptive Compilation Keith Cooper
18 Feb 08 Khaled Elmeleegy Enhancing Ethernet's Reliability Alan Cox
25 Feb 08 Khaled Elmeleegy System Support for High Performance Network Servers Alan Cox
10 Mar 08 John Garvin Compiling R's Imperative Call-By-Need John Mellor-Crummey
17 Mar 08 Jason Eckhardt Redundancy Elimination Revisited Keith Cooper
24 Mar 08 Ioan Sucan Kinodynamic motion planning for real robots Lydia Kavraki
31 Mar 08 Rajkishore Barik Bit-sensitivity and Efficiency of Register Allocation Vivek Sarkar
7 Apr 08 Yanjun Sun DW-MAC: A Low Latency, Energy Efficient Demand-Wakeup MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Dave Johnson
14 Apr 08 Kaushik Ram Alan Cox
21 Apr 08 Kostas Bekris Interesting problems in robotics and a few attempts to deal with them Lydia Kavraki
Date Speaker Title (click for abstract) Adviser
27 Aug 07 Mathias Ricken A Framework for Testing Concurrent Programs (slides) Corky Cartwright
10 Sep 07 Eric Schoen What Oil Companies Want to Know: Inside Oilfield Data Interpretation Schlumberger
17 Sep 07 Ajay Gulati Efficient and Adaptive Proportional Share I/O Scheduling Peter Varman
24 Sep 07 Nathan Tallent Performance Analysis of Highly Optimized Modular Programs John Mellor-Crummey
1 Oct 07 Travis McPhail An Interactive Editor for Rapidly Prototyping 2D Games Joe Warren
8 Oct 07 Deian Tabakov Verifying SystemC Models Moshe Vardi
22 Oct 07 Guohui Wang Towards Network Triangle Inequality Violation Aware Distributed Systems Eugene Ng
29 Oct 07 Yousra Alkabani Remote Activation of ICs for Piracy Prevention and Digital Rights Management Farinaz Koushanfar
5 Nov 07 Cuong Than Accurate and efficient species tree reconstruction from genome-scale multi-locus data through a novel ILP formulation Luay Nakhleh
12 Nov 07 Konstantinos Tsianos Real-time motion planning under realistic kinodynamic constraints Lydia Kavraki
19 Nov 07 Dan Smith Completing the Java Type System Corky Cartwright
26 Nov 07 Bo Zhang The WaveScalar Architecture Eugene Ng
3 Dec 07 Scott Crosby An Analysis of BitTorrent's Two Kademlia-Based DHTs Dan Wallach
Date Speaker Title (click for abstract) Adviser
12 Jan 07 Apan Qasem Automatic Tuning of Scientific Applications Ken Kennedy
19 Jan 07 Gabriel Marin Application Insight Through Performance Modeling John Mellor-Crummey
26 Jan 07 Kostas Bekris Safe and Fast Online Replanning of Trajectories for Individual Vehicles and Vehicular Networks Lydia Kavraki
2 Feb 07 Mack Joyner Compiler Optimizations for Object-Oriented High-Performance Scientific Computing Ken Kennedy
9 Feb 07 Bill Scherer High-performance Synchronization for User-level Software Systems faculty speaker
16 Feb 07
23 Feb 07 Ajay Gulati pClock - An arrival Curve Based Approach For QoS Guarantees Peter Varman
16 Mar 07 Amarda Shehu Molecules in Motion: Computing Structural Flexibility Lydia Kavraki
23 Mar 07 Jeff Sandoval Tuning an Adaptive Compilation Search Space with Loop Unrolling Keith Cooper
30 Mar 07 Yi Guo Keith Cooper
13 Apr 07 Shu Du Using Routing Information to Improve MAC Performance in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks Dave Johnson
20 Apr 07 Ning Song Mu-bases and their applications in geometric modeling Ron Goldman
27 Apr 07 Raj Bandyopadhyay Compiling Dynamic Languages Walid Taha, Ken Kennedy
Date Speaker Title (click for abstract) Adviser
6 Oct 06 Brian Chen Lydia Kavraki
13 Oct 06 Bo Zhang Measurement-Based Analysis, Modeling and Synthesis of the Internet Delay Space Eugene Ng
20 Oct 06 Dan Sandler FeedTree, or: how RSS was won (and where it got us). Peter Druschel
27 Oct 06 Bryan Smith Evaluating Protection Systems for Critical Infrastructures
10 Nov 06 Erion Plaku Motion Planning for Hybrid Robotic Systems Lydia Kavraki
??? Derek Ruths Predicting the Structure of Cancer Luay Nakleh
??? John Garvin John Mellor-Crummey
??? Cheryl McCosh Ken Kennedy
1 Dec 06 Amit Saha Throughput Improvement in Wireless Mesh Networks Dave Johnson