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  CosmosWorks Demo Files

Split Line Mesh Control 2/1/2007 (pdf)

What is a "Fixed" displacement support? (doc)

Planar Conduction and Convection Example (doc)

Planar Local Singularity Heat Transfer (doc)

1D Cylinder with external convection (doc)

Rotational loads of parts (doc)

Tank shell 1/4 symmetry stress (pdf)

Bi-material beam thermal stresses (doc)

1D Tri-material component temperatures (doc)

3D Pressue block stress study (doc)

3D Pressue block thermal study (doc)

Lateral buckling of a cantilever (pdf)

LNG Tank Thermal Optimization (doc)

Introductory Design Tutorial #1 (doc)

Three-dimensional Tube Tutorial #1 (pdf)

Change CW Equation Solver (doc)